Protection Film for Stainless Steel Deep Press

Widely used on the surface of stainless steel deep pressing, developed different types of “easy peel” protective film, which have excellent weather resistance.

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Product Details

Widely used on the surface of stainless steel deep pressing, developed different types of “easy peel” protective film, which have excellent weather resistance.

Product Overview

With Protective Film for Stainless Steel Deep Press, finish is everything. Whether you are looking for a brushed, bright annealed or mirror appearance, a single scratch can ruin the value of your stainless steel and cut through the protective surface layer which gives "stainless" its name.

The problem is that your stainless steel&deep pressing faces many potential hazards throughout the fabrication, shipping and installation processes. The surface can be marred at any step along the way, and the cost of fixing or replacing the product can put a big dent in your profit margin.

Here is your solution!

KINGREAL offers a broad range of films for protecting stainless steel with all typical levels of surface or finish quality. From surfaces with a larger roughness depth to high-gloss surfaces such as 3D or BA, any sort of stainless steel can be protected reliably. Common applications are stainless steel coils and plates (e.g. lifts) as well as decorative and constructive stainless steel for typical kitchen applications (refrigerators, washing machines, dish washers, etc.).

Efficiency and Environmental Relief: PE film replaces traditional, more expensive materials thereby ensuring more profitability for your applications. With PE film, moreover, the use of oil and lubricants during manufacture is reduced by more than 90%. And most importantly: PE is a substitute for the environmentally damaging PVC all over the world.

Technical Specification

√Material:PE(LDPE and LLDPE) film

√Surface Finish: Larger roughness depth to high-gloss surfaces

√Product Height: 40-2050 mm

√Operating Temperature:48 hours for 70degrees 

√6 hours for 40 degrees below zero

√Country of Origin: WuXi

√Storage and application:The product should be protected against direct sunlight and extremes in temperature and humidity and stored upright in its original packaging. The film should be applied within a 6 month period from the delivery date. The film should be removed within 12 months (indoors) and 30 days(outdoors)from the date of lamination. Surface preparation is important. The substrate should be clean and free from residue, such as dust and oil, when the tape is applied in order to achieve optimum adhesion. Do not press too hard when applying. This may cause the end of the tape to peel. If applying to surfaces treated with machining oil, degrease the surface carefully. Any remains will be a cause for surface contamination or adhesive residue

√Adhesion Strength: 0.05N-8N/25mm or 5g-800g/25mm

√Tensile Strength:≥70Mpa


√Application Temperature:Cold can affect the peel strength. Please apply the film at room temperature (10ºC to 30ºC)


√High elongation and tear resistant

√Suitable for severe mechanical process and protect the products surface

√Undamaged, Films for deep drawing has very good deformation behavior

√Easy unwind

√Can be easily applied and removed

√Removed with no residue glue

√Environment friendly with SGS certificate


a. Extensive Production Experience

We have been specializing in producing self adhesive protective film for more than 10 years, and all of our customers have good credit so that we have a steady capital chain.

b. Quality Control

For ensuring the high quality, we train the production team in various technical and commercial occupations, apart from that, the products from KINGREAL must pass a series tests, which is humidity and high-temp test, electronic stripping test, last adhesive test, etc

c. OEM & ODM Service

Thanks to the continuous investment of research and innovation, OEM is not the only goal now, KINGREAL is focusing on the ODM to approach new markets and applications.

d. Environmental Friendly

Films from KINGREAL are used with the advanced technology which is applied without glue. Therefore, products are totally zero pollution and environmentally.

e. Dust-free Plant

We used introduced advanced equipment and quality material to produce Self-adhesive Protective Film in the dust-free workshop. It can be customized by clients with the different adhesive requirements. No precipitation and residual of the films while using. 

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