Protective Film for Floor/Carpet

  • Anti Dirty Carpet Protective Film

    Anti Dirty Carpet Protective Film

    Carpet protection film that keeps floors clean and damage free while building, remodeling or painting. This self-adhering film does not shift and is highly resistant to tears. Description Anti Dirty Carpet Protective Film from KINGREAL will protect your carpet with...Read More
  • Stairs Rug Carpet Protection Film

    Stairs Rug Carpet Protection Film

    Description for Stairs Rug Carpet Protection Film : Protects carpets from water, paint, stains, dust and dirt Whether you're painting a room or washing a pet, you'll want to keep your carpet safe from spillages, paint drips, mud, dust and debris. Kingreal 's...Read More
  • Carpet Shield Protective Film

    Carpet Shield Protective Film

    Product Information: Carpet Shield Protective Film is the perfect tool to protect carpeting along trim and baseboards. Carpet Shield Protective Film is easy to use and peels off cleanly, without leaving any residue. It's the most convenient solution to paint drips,...Read More
  • PE Carpet Protector

    PE Carpet Protector

    Product Overview: PE Carpet Protector is the best temporary carpet protection you can buy. It is a clear, self-adhering protective film for all types of carpeting. PE Carpet Protector's non-slip surface is a special blend of polyethylene which is highly resistant to tears...Read More
  • Auto Car Carpet Floor Protective Film

    Auto Car Carpet Floor Protective Film

    Auto Car Carpet Floor Protective Film Great for New and Used Car Dealers! Auto Car Carpet Floor Protective Film from Kingreal will enhance your image and protect your vehicle carpeting with ultra-tough polyethylene that grips the surface to keep all dirt and contaminates out....Read More
  • Car Carpet Film

    Car Carpet Film

    KINGREAL car carpet film have been specially designed to protect thermo-moulded carpets in the automotive industry. Car Carpet Films from KINGREAL are always in accordance with the standard of US. Advantages of KINGREAL 1. KINGREAL car carpet film is a heavy removable...Read More
  • Automotive Carpet Protection Film

    Automotive Carpet Protection Film

    KINGREAL automotive carpet protection film is easy to apply and remove. It is self-adhering, leaves no residue and can be easily repositioned and reused. It is highly pliable so won’t tear when applying. It doesn’t contain any VOC and meets LEED’s requirements. Adhesisve,...Read More
  • Anti Dust Carpet Film

    Anti Dust Carpet Film

    If you are painting, remodeling, moving or just generally need to protect your carpets, our protective film can keep your carpet or other flooring surfaces in like-new condition. The anti dust carpet film allows you to lay down film more quickly and professionally. In fact,...Read More
  • Floor Surface Protective Film

    Floor Surface Protective Film

    Floor Surface Protective Films can be used for construction, renovations, model homes, entrances & exits, showrooms, painting, stairs, and parties. The polyethylene film is resistant to tears and punctures from sharp items. Floor Surface Protective Film Technical Data...Read More
  • Wooden Floor Protective Film

    Wooden Floor Protective Film

    When renovating a part of the house or painting a room, doing construction, having an open house, or just owning pets – you often have the problem of protecting your floors and other hard surfaces from paint splashes, dirt, grease, and footprints. KINGREAL heavy duty...Read More
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