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The Characteristics Of The Protective Film And The Distinction Of Its Species
- May 28, 2018 -

If the protective film according to its use to divide, can be effectively divided into different kinds, now the protective film has become a general term of screen protection, the use of its products has become different, the earliest with HD scratch, now is a functional protective film.

The protective film in the process of pasting the glue layer needs and the surface of the sticky material for precise contact, and then as far as possible into the groove of the glued surface, this will effectively make the area of the contact surface increased, the glue layer has a higher peel off capacity of the larger, pressure-sensitive adhesive peel strength higher.

Protective film in the function of the main physical items out of a layer of film, now functional protective film has ag matte anti-reflective film, anti-peep film, AR anti-reflective film, cell phone mirror film and HD scratch film and so on.

PVC Material Protection Film its own characteristics is relatively soft texture and easy to paste, but the use of such materials in the process of its light transmittance is not good, mainly because the material is thicker, this will make the screen looks more hazy, in the screen after the tear left glue mark.

PVC Material Protection Film after some column of improvement, effectively solve the previous heavy and light transmittance problems, such materials in the process of use does not have the ability to scratch, in the use of a period of time after the protection of the film will appear obvious scratches.