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Processing Technology And Material Of Color Steel Plate Protective Film
- May 28, 2018 -

Color Steel plate Protection Film in the process of processing has a very important link is blown film, the operation of this process will directly determine the quality of the packaging products, product processing technology used in the machine for blow molding machine, the main principle is to melt the plastic particles heating.

Color steel plate Protection Film such a process of film quality and plastic particles have a direct relationship between the use of products and product processing parameters have a very direct relationship, so the equipment blown film process, we must strengthen the effective control of the process parameters.

PE protective Film in the process of the technicians of its standard process operation, can be very good to ensure the smooth conduct of its products, so you can obtain a higher quality of the film products, the use of raw materials of plastic particles blown out of the product its color is very uniform and clean, finished the tensile effect is very good.

Some recycled waste plastics, when made into their plastic particles, in the process of making the need to add their pigments in a timely manner, otherwise it will directly lead to the uneven coloring and very easy to break the situation, the price is relatively low, through its regular blown film technology products with more superior tensile.

Color Steel plate Protection Film in the process of processing is mainly the use of its polyethylene as the main material, and then add a few more special additives for effective configuration debugging, the use of the glue is colorless and transparent, in the use of the process is very soft and good adhesion.