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PE Self Adhesive Protective Film Features
- Dec 06, 2018 -

From the realistic application perspective, the pe self-adhesive protective film mainly applied on the products surfaces that need an excellent and clean appearance to provide temporary protection. Normally, the pe protective films are co-extruded by more than 2 layers, one of the layers introduced self-adhesive material, therefore, it won’t need to coat with glue but have better viscosity. In fact, this innovative self-adhesive protective film also called pe electrostatic film, which mainly adhere by electrostatic adsorption force, and totally without glue coating, thus it can realize environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Due to the adhesion by electrostatic adsorption force, it can be easily removed after usage, besides, the innovative products also have weather resistance ability, and will adhere tightly on products surface when in deep pressing and bending processing which won’t polluted the products surface, moreover, it will efficiently protect the metal surfaces from scratch and damage, etc. In the prevailing market, this innovative product mostly applied on metal sheet, plastic sheet, acrylic sheet, PVC panel, PS sheet surfaces, and other products surfaces which are sensitive to water-based acrylic glue, and it won’t leave residue on any smooth surfaces.

In the protective film market, pe self-adhesive protective film definitely is the most special one, and the reason to develop it is mainly to avoid the residue problem of coated protective film, and to resolve the protection problem refers to the high-technology electronic products when in processing and assembly, therefore, this protective film also applied to high-tech electronic products surfaces.

The attention is that the self-adhesive protective film has a rigorous control of crystal and dirt, thus the production environment of self-adhesive protective film and workmanship must be strict to ensure the final quality of products. Overall, the conclusion of this innovative products is: low crystal, no residue, easy removal, high transparency and purity, etc. 

However, how to choose PE self-adhesive protective film and PE electrostatic film when in selection to most customers? Actually, there might be a question existed, normally the customers are not professional people in protective film industry, the self-adhesive protective film is different from electrostatic film. Yet, they might be wrong, because in protective film industry, pe self-adhesive protective film is same as pe electrostatic film, which is just the difference of called, and the electrostatic film is also no glue but have viscosity, hence, in some occasions, it also called self-adhesive protective film, and the application is totally same as pe electrostatic film.

In conclusion, there existed various factors to affect the performance of PE self-adhesive protective film, which is: 

1.The crystallinity of raw material: the lower the crystallinity, the better the adhesion, otherwise, the worse of adhesion.

2.The flexural modulus of raw material: Flexural Modulus represent the softness of raw material, the lower the flexural modulus, the softer the pe self-adhesive protective film, and then PE low molecule is easier to immerse into the surface of the products surface to stick firmly.