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PE Electrostatic Protective Film Industry Introduction And Market Analysis
- Oct 24, 2018 -

PE electrostatic protective film industry introduction and market analysis, China is rapidly changing from a net importer of protective film to a net exporter. In the next few years, India's protective film production capacity will double. These are good news for brand managers and machinery suppliers, but this huge growth will not last long. Asia remains the fastest growing market for PE protective films, at least on film stretch lines. Asia has been more focused on low-volume water-cooled blown film processes, but now it is a modern protective film factory in Asia.

The annual global consumption of protective films exceeds 3 million tons. In the past 30 years, it has achieved unprecedented success in the packaging market, not only successfully replaced cellophane, but it has also rapidly developed its own market, especially composite film instead of paper. In the medium term, do not expect any major changes in the demand for PE protective film. The properties of the protective film are suitable for a variety of flexible packaging applications and are inexpensive, but cut a market worldwide. As the development of degradable protective film becomes a reality, everyone is confident of the future of these films.

You can analyze your market by the following points:

1. Through the consumption scale and year-on-year growth rate of the PE electrostatic film industry in the Chinese market for five consecutive years, the economic scale and growth of the PE electrostatic film industry, and forecasting the growth trend of user consumption scale in the next five years.

2. product structure: from a variety of perspectives (1-3), the classification of products and services in the PE electrostatic film industry, and make the proportion of user consumption and the proportion of users in each category of products and services , grasp the product structure of the PE electrostatic film industry.

3. Market distribution: Analyze the market distribution of PE electrostatic film industry from the geographical distribution and consumption capacity of consumer groups, and analyze the consumption situation of key regional markets with large consumption scale, including the consumption scale of the region. Consumption characteristics, product structure, etc.

4. User research: It mainly studies the user's consumption behavior, including product factors, purchase frequency, purchase channel, purchasing power, and purchasing factors.


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