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Installation Requirements And Maximum Withstanding Temperature Of Glass Protective Film
- May 28, 2018 -

Glass fiber reinforced plastic protective film within 3 days after installation can not move its glass, 15 days do not use water to scrub its glass, between this can not be used to fix any article binder, and can not paste on the window film stickers and other accessories.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic protection membrane detergent can be slightly uniform sandblasting on the surface of the window, and then effective use of soft cotton or soft tissue to gently dry the glass, paper towels or cotton cloth in use before need to wring dry, If the stain on the fiberglass protective film is not washed, it is necessary to spray the cleaning liquid, the effective use of soft rubber wiper wipe from top to bottom horizontal scraping window film until dry.

Dry the edge of the glass membrane with a towel

Glass fiber reinforced plastic protective film in the summer time to a certain extent, the sun can block 45-85% direct heat into the indoor, winter can effectively reduce the loss of more than 30%, when its glass broken, its fragments can be tightly pasted on the surface of the glass foil, effectively maintain the original shape.

FRP Protective film in the use of the process can be up to 500 degrees above the high temperature, so that to a certain extent effective to prevent the cause of the fire, to a certain extent to avoid harm to the human body, the quality of a better glass foil can block glare and 99% of ultraviolet light.