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How To Improve The Adhesion Between The Aluminum-plastic Panel Protective Film And The Aluminum-plastic Plate Surface?
- May 28, 2018 -

In order to be able to keep the aluminum plate in good condition before use, usually adopt protective measures, aluminum-plastic plate protection Film is a special for its surface protection and use of materials.

In the use of aluminum-plastic plate protective film, it is necessary to enhance its adhesion to the surface of the object, so as to promote its protective effect. In practical applications, often encounter aluminum-plastic plate protection film affixed to the phenomenon, in the transport, window process easy to peel, can not play a protective role.

The causes of this phenomenon are many, this is in the extrusion after the film, its surface is not clean, such as water, dust. To this end, when the aluminum-plastic plate from the cooling molding mold out as far as possible the surface of the water blown dry, but also pay attention to the workshop dust not too much, traction machine track to keep clean and so on.

After achieving the ideal cleanliness, can be affixed to the aluminum-plastic plate protective film. On the other hand, the aluminum-plastic panel protective film of the film machine pressure is not enough, or unreasonable structure, aluminum-plastic plate Protection film itself is not enough viscosity will affect its adhesion to the surface of the object.

In addition to the appropriate increase in film pressure, it is recommended to use a dedicated film machine, and choose high-quality Aluminum-plastic plate protective film.

There is also a factor that affects the adhesion between the protective film of the aluminum-plastic panel and the object, that is, aluminum-plastic plate protective film used in the substrate tensile stress is too small, easy to deformation, or film machine rotating parts of the movement is not flexible, resulting in the film in the coating process by stretching too large and deformation.