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Do You Really Know Plastic Surface Self Adhesive Protective Film?
- Dec 26, 2018 -

Have you faced these problems?

1.When you apply coated protective film on your heating plastic sheet, there will be residue left after removal

2.It’s really difficult to remove coated protective film, therefore, increase the labor costs in your countries, (especially developed countries)

3.     Bad transparency of coated protective film, which will affect the appearance and the colors of your products surface.

4.     Not environmental, which was threaten by your local government.

That's the reasons why self-adhesive protective film will be the tendency in the following plastic insudtry.

Because slef-adhesive protective film in KINGREAL has solved these problems, and you don't need to worry about the residue lefe on your heating plastic sheet surface. More, this innovative self adhesive prtective film is totally recyclable, and due to the development of craftsmanship, our capability could up to 6000 tons/year, therefore, the delivery time in KINGREAL can up to 7-12 days to reduce your waiting time.