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Advantages And Requirements Of Stainless Steel Protective Film
- May 28, 2018 -

The protective film of stainless steel plate can effectively protect the surface of the original smooth and shiny surface of the product. This can be to a certain extent effectively improve the quality of products and market competitiveness, the use of the field of products are stainless steel plate, plastic steel profiles and doors and windows, aluminum, mirror panels, fluorocarbon plate, fire board and so on.

Stainless steel sheet Protective film in the process of the production of its thickness is a certain requirement, under normal circumstances in 0.02mm-0.15mm, protective film main color has black, black and white, transparent, blue, silver gray, in fact, color can also be customized according to the requirements of its customers.

The width of the protective film of stainless steel plate is about 1400 mm. length of about 1000 meters within the specifications manufacturers are able to produce, the product viscosity can be directly divided into micro-viscosity, low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity, super high viscosity, product viscosity and model can be a long time customer choice to make.

Stainless steel Protective Film in the use of the process can also be effective in its non-slip and scratch-proof role, also can effectively avoid its dirty material in, stainless steel in the process of use is not not will not rust, so will need to use protective film, to prevent the oxidation of products.