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Why use the protective film and what to protect?
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Why use protective film?

The biggest advantage of protective film is that it can protect products against dirt, corrosion and scratches during processing, transportation, storage and application. 

It maintains the bright and clean surface of products in order to improve the product quality and market competitiveness.

What can we protect with protective film?

Protective films are widely used in many industries and protect different products. 

Such as,

2, Hardware industry: to protect galvanized steel plate punching press,aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, Titanium plate, plastic steel plate, 

glass plate, solar panel and so on.

3, Plastic industry: to protect ABS, PP injection-molded item, PVC panel, acrylic 

panel, instruments, plastic lenses, spray paint surfaces and so on.

4, Printing industry: to protect printing plates such PVC panel, PC panel, aluminum 

panel, photographic film and so on.  

5, Construction industry: to protect window glass, aluminum profiles, doors, floors, carpets, furniture and other construction materials against dirt, scratches and damage during building or house construction. 


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