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Why should the protective film be of good quality?
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Some customers prefer low prices in the choice of protective film, because there is such a concept in their minds: protective film, protective film, anyway, it is a film to protect the surface of the product, to be torn off sooner or later, so Cost, or which one is cheaper, which one to choose?

In fact, such an idea is unscientific. Today, our KINGREAL protective film manufacturer will tell you how to choose the right protective film.

There are many varieties of protective film, and depending on the application, the type of protective film is divided into finer parts. There are protective films for the food industry, such as uv stepless dimming power supply, mobile phone, protective film for liquid crystal display, profile protective film, and protective film on the surface of automatic spray gun home appliances.

As we all know, in many industries, the requirements for protective film are still relatively high, requiring the transparency of the protective film, and whether it is convenient for packaging, and whether the imprint will be left when the protective film is torn off. There is also a case where our profile is not torn off immediately after the protective film is attached. Many times, after applying the protective film, it is necessary to make a long-distance bump to another destination.

In the process of transportation, our protective film plays a big role. In case of unqualified protective film, the protective film does not play a good role in the process of transportation, resulting in damage to the surface of the profile. Who is going to compensate for the loss?

Everything is telling everyone that choosing a protective film must be made by a regular manufacturer, so that our interests will not be harmed.


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