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What will Affect the Price of PE Protective Film
- Jul 30, 2018 -

As you know that KINGREAL only provides protective film which material is polyethylene. This is not our company ability, but we believe that polyethylene as a material of the protective film has a good performance comparing with PVC or PET. We definitely can say that we are more professional, more dedicated, and have more excellent service. PE Protective film is soft and has been widely applied to varioue walks of life. Next, let's see what factors will affect the price of pe protective film!

1. If its color or type of pe protective film is different, then, is there a different price?

Yes, that's correct. If the color or type is different, and then, the price will be different.  If it is divided by colors, there are high permeability PE protective film, blue PE protective film, black and white PE protective film and PE milk white film, etc., and their prices are different

2. What's the main factor that affect the price of PE protective film when it is applied to different products?

Here are two main factors- colors and adhesion. When we used PE protective film on the different applications, and adhesion will be different. Adhesion will then affect the thickness of the pe protective film, the rougher the surface is, the thicker the pe protective film will be. And this will affect the price either. When we are going to give you a quotation, we must know the two main factors, otherwise, the quotation will be unprofessional.

Kingreal is a manufacturer who has been engaging in producing pe protective film for more than 10 years, and the satisfaction  of our customers is our company target. We never do business only once, but do business with the return customers. The rigorous and professional working attitude is KINGREAL company culture. If you do business with us, you must worth it!


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