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What kind of self adhesive window protective film is chosen?
- Feb 02, 2019 -

When choosing a self adhesive window protective film, the most often seen is the price of the product, but in fact, not only the price, but also the quality. For many users, the user experience is the most direct and accurate way to reflect this product. In general, he is associated with other functions that should be.
Before the development and application of the self-adhesive window protective film, the surface of the article is basically protected by a layer of water-repellent and oil-repellent solvent. This method is inefficient, and the protection function is not obvious, and even the surface remains on the surface of the article. Seriously affect the aesthetics of the item, and the protective film will not leave any residual glue or traces of pollution on the surface of the five rows, so that the surface of the item is clean.
When selecting a self-adhesive window protective film, it should be fully considered whether the surface protective film has the following characteristics and whether it matches the article to be protected. It should be inert to the surface of the material to be protected, does not react with the surface, and does not corrode or contaminate the surface. To have good adhesion to the material to be protected, the protective film does not rise and fall off during material handling and processing. Many protective films are now self-adhesive or have electrostatic adsorption, so that the article can be attached well. surface.
In addition, it is required to have better weather resistance and stability to maintain the adhesion. After a few days or a long time, the peel strength does not increase significantly, and it is easy to remove. On the surface to be protected when removed, no residual glue remains. To have good processing adaptability, to meet the needs of deep processing of protected objects.