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What kind of quality guarantee should the stainless steel protective film have?
- Nov 19, 2018 -

The guarantee of the quality of the stainless steel protective film is a promise of the manufacturer to the user. Different products have different quality guarantees according to their actual conditions, not only in the quality, but also in the case of our use. relationship.

1. Quantity: Each time the stainless steel protective film is subjected to strict examination, the quantity, length, width and thickness are suitable and used properly.

2, the state of the stainless steel protective film: such as temperature, physical shape or solid content should be qualified.

3. The preparation state of the material of the stainless steel protective film during on-site operation, if necessary, can provide high temperature resistance function, or the hot and cold paste can be attached when the bonding is performed, and it can be used under different use conditions.

4, fitting speed: is an important factor in controlling cost and quality, the speed of use depends on the degree of automation of the process equipment used.

5. Description of packaging steps: strictly follow the operating procedures of the selected production line.

6. Provision of quality control requirements: Refers to the quality requirements and control methods of the process of using stainless steel protective film.

A good stainless steel protective film should be like the above, the state before and after the appearance, before and after the use, of course, can not be exactly the same, as long as the relevant range, the use is reasonable.