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What is the high temperature protection film?
- May 28, 2018 -

High temperature protection film is characterized by temperature and low shrinkage, high temperature protection film is mainly suitable for ITO film process. High temperature protection film mainly uses 50μpet as the base material, adhesive layer for 12μ thick Japanese acrylic glue, the free type material uses 25μ pet for the departure type membrane, may use in the clean room fitting. The total thickness is 87 μ. High-temperature protective film is characterized by the use of imported acrylic glue, adhesive power stability, not residual gum.

Low adhesion, optical high transparent adhesive film, mainly used in ITO film process and photovoltaic industry to protect its raw materials or finished products, but also in accordance with customer requirements to provide solutions.

test method for thermal shrinkage and warpage of high temperature resistant pet protective film:

1. Take the high temperature protective film (HNG-50) to be measured.

2  300X 210mm (about A4 size) and tear off the film.

3, placed in the 150℃x 90min oven in the high temperature test, confirm its td/md direction, the results of shrinkage and warpage of 0. High temperature resistant protective film its temperature is very high, currently in the industrial use of a wide range.