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What is the features of self adhesive film?
- Jun 29, 2018 -

The main features are as follows: first, the crystallinity of the PE material, the lower the crystallinity, the better the adhesion, the higher the crystallinity, the worse the adhesion. The crystallinity reacts to the density of the PE material from another angle. The second point is related to the flexural modulus of the PE material, and the flexural modulus represents the softness of the PE material. The lower the modulus of the bending, the softer the PE protective film is, the more the PE low molecules will be immersed in the surface of the object, and the bonding is more firm.

PE self adhesive film is a new type of packaging material. Its production process is simple. It can be manually packed or mechanically packed with film, and its operation is simple and convenient. PE has good physical and chemical properties, a good PE self adhesive film, with little crystal point, good ductility, waterproof, dustproof, high transparency, excellent temperature resistance, innoxious and tasteless, safe and environmental, widely used in hardware, plastic products, photoelectric products and so on.



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