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- Jul 06, 2018 -

First, let me clear all of you that the difference between Self adhesive protective film and the Water-based Acrylic/traditional protective film.

When we are cheering about the amazing performance of water-based protective film,but do remember that the water-based acrylic still have the risk of leaving residue. Do you know what is self adhesive protective film? You might say that's definitely water-based protective film, But, here, I'm sorry to tell you that's incorrect.

Self adhesive‚ȆWater-based Acrylic

Self adhesive protective film is co-extruded protective film, where the adhesive system and the films can be extruded in one step, which is very few in China now, because not all of the factories have the strength to produce it.KINGREAL Self adhesive PE protective film is the innovative product in our company, it doesn't need glue at all, so it's totally zero pollution and recyclable, more, the cost have been reduced considerably due the the process without coating.

Here Self Adhesive Protective Film: 

1.Impossible to leave residue 

2.More eco-friendly

3.Excellent performance than any other protective films

4.More cheap now

5.The tendency in the future market


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