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What is PE from the mucous membrane?
- May 28, 2018 -

Protective film industry, according to the protective film of viscous material classification, can be divided into plastic protective film and self-adhesive protective film, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, self-adhesive protective film is mainly used for the appearance of higher quality products, such protective film is generally more than two-layer coextrusion, one layer of film using self-adhesive materials, Thus the glue can be self-adhesive without coating. Self-adhesive material has a lot of, usually use the static film Eva or other modified materials.

The principle of electrostatic self-adhesive is actually because the self-adhesive material belongs to the high polymer, low crystallinity, the film surface there are a lot of exposed molecular chain, these molecular chains easily filled with the surface pores of the object, so that the two bonded. There are many factors affecting the mucous membrane, mainly have these two points: 1th, the crystallization degree of PE material, the lower the crystallinity, the better the adhesion, the higher the crystallinity, the more the adhesion of the worse. The crystallinity reflects the density of the PE material from another angle.

2nd, relates to the PE material bending modulus, the bending modulus represents the PE material softness degree, the bending modulus is lower, then the PE protective film is softer, the PE low molecule is easier to immerse the object the surface, with pastes the material to be more firm. PE from the mucous membrane is a new type of packaging materials, simple production process, the use of film can be handmade packaging can also be mechanical packaging, easy to operate. PE from the mucous membrane has good physical and chemical properties, a good PE self-adhesive protective film, less crystal, good ductility, waterproof, dustproof, transparent, high temperature resistance, non-toxic tasteless, safety and environmental protection, widely used in hardware products, plastic products, optoelectronic products.