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What is adhesive tape?
- Sep 30, 2018 -

【 Difference between Adhesive and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive 】

Do you know much about adhesive? It is often sold in a tube and used to bond something to another item. Wood bond, quick-drying adhesive, stationary glue… there are so many types of adhesive and probably everyone has used it once in their life. The characteristic of adhesive is that right after you have bonded something together, the adhesive is still soft like liquid and easy to peel off, but after a while, the adhesive hardens and becomes solid. This is why adhesive can be used to bond things together. (On the other hand, it won't be easy if you want to separate the items once they are bonded together. Also, if you hesitate and take too much time during the bonding process, the adhesive will harden and not be able to work properly.)

However, there is a type of adhesive that won't lose its adhering properties even after a long time, and it can bond things together immediately after you apply it. With this kind of adhesive, you can even separate the items after they have been bonded except if the surfaces are something very weak such as paper. Do you know what this useful adhesive is? It is called "pressure sensitive adhesive" (PSA). PSA has both the adhering property (property to bond) and a rubber-like spongy property (a property to keep the items bonded). And these two properties don't change regardless of time. The adhering property works when you apply it to bond something together and the rubber-like spongy property works after that to avoid the items being separated from each other. These unchanged properties make PSA differ from other adhesives. You can just remember that PSA has a long lasting adhering property.

【Adhesive】Apply►Attach►Leave for a certain time or heat up You need to wait for a certain time after applying and attaching. Adhesive hardens after attaching

【PSA】Attaching Starts being effective immediatelyafter attaching. PAS's property doesn't change.

【 Adhesive tape is very useful 】

Adhesive tape is made by applying this useful PSA to some sheet-like objects including film, paper, cloth and aluminum foil. Many people have probably used it before.
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