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Weather resistance of PE protective film
- Dec 19, 2018 -

Nowadays, the society is constantly developing and human beings are advancing. The quality requirements of their people are constantly improving. The process of PE protective film in production is constantly improving, and the scale of our application is constantly increasing the application requirements. A variety of new things are constantly being presented, although it seems more general, but it also brings great convenience to our days.

PE protective film is easy to be peeled and easy to tear when used, and the change with time is small, and the peeling force increases less and less. The whole product is exposed to sunlight for a period of six months to one year, in the course of application. It does not present pollution and corrosion.

PE protective film has excellent mechanical functions, and it is very suitable for the tensile, elastic modulus and elongation of the user. The protective film is lazy to the appearance of the data to be maintained, and has an excellent adhesion function to the data to be maintained. During the data transfer and processing, the maintenance film does not rise and fall.

The PE protective film has good weather resistance and holding stability. After several days or a long time, the peeling force is not significantly increased, and it is easy to remove. When removed, there is no residual glue left on the protected surface, and no shadow is left.

PE protective film has outstanding performance in the center for a period of time, but its two ends are tilted up. The primary reason for this phenomenon is that the protective mold has a greater degree of stretching during the process of the maintenance profile. In the high temperature environment, it shows unnecessary retraction.

The PE protective film is mostly presented on the products of southern customers. Therefore, PE protective film should pay attention to the influence of environmental temperature difference on the product during the production process, and avoid unnecessary surface stretching during the posting process.