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Use of clear transparent protective film with printing and selection recommendations
- Feb 11, 2019 -

Today's coated paper covers are generally covered, high-end cartons and handbags, product brochures and corporate brochure covers, calendars, clothing trademarks are also film, transparent printing film is a common type, it is The ink has almost no effect.
However, its reflection is sometimes not very flattering. For example, when the handbag is covered with a light film, it will be shiny. After loading it, it will be soft and very low when it is slightly deformed. The calendar does not apply to the film because it interferes. Sight, but on a flat surface such as a hardcover book cover or a cardboard box, the effect of light as a mirror is good.
Materials of the same similar surface may also require different viscosities; subsequent processing steps are the key to determining viscosity. Subsequent processing generally includes bending, stamping, cutting, drilling, thermoforming, etc.; the transparent printing film thickness and viscosity are reasonably matched; the tensile strength and elongation are also reasonably set to ensure the flexibility and strength of the protective film can be achieved claim.