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Two Problems When Using Protective Film-Problem 1
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The problem that users reflect the most is that there is residue after protective film is peeled off. This problem mostly happens to aluminum profile protective film. When the users finish installation and construction and peel the film off the profiles, the adhesive doesn’t go with protective film but leaves on the profiles. This is not what the users want to see. Because it is very difficult to clean the residue. Someone needs to scrape the glue from these profiles, which is a waste of time and money. There may be many reasons which cause this problem. But the main reason is that the pressure sensitive adhesive is not proper. The adhesive is too sticky, so the external tension is bigger than internal stress which causes the residue on the profile. If users encounter this problem, you can use a clean cloth dipped a little alcohol and wipe on the residual adhesive repeatedly until the adhesive is wiped up. Attention that do not wipe too hard when cleaning the residue, otherwise you may affect the finish of profiles.