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The use characteristics of marble protective film and the classification of glue system
- Dec 10, 2018 -

Marble protective film classified by glue system

1. Rubber system: natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, synthetic rubber

Rubber-based protective film features: soft, can reach the final viscosity quickly; molecular mobility is good; relatively easy to tear; natural rubber has poor aging resistance; higher price.

2. Acrylate type: emulsion type (aqueous), solvent type.

Acrylate adhesive protective film features

1. Emulsion type acrylic acid (aqueous acrylic acid): the fluidity is relatively poor, the final viscosity time is relatively long, the viscosity of the low-grade protective film will increase the viscosity with time, the environmentally friendly material, the weather resistance is good, and the film can be quickly peeled off. ;

2. Solvent-based acrylic acid: It is difficult to achieve high environmental standards, and other characteristics are similar to emulsion acrylic acid.

Marble protective film characteristics

1. Different surfaces require different viscosities;

2. Materials of the same similar surface may also require different viscosities;

3. Subsequent processing steps are the key to determining viscosity. Subsequent processing generally has bending, stamping, cutting, drilling, thermoforming, etc.;

4. Reasonable combination of thickness and viscosity;

5. The tensile strength and elongation of the protective film to ensure that the flexibility and strength of the protective film can meet the requirements;

6, the ultimate principle of protective film selection: adequate testing.