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The use and main characteristics of construction protective film
- Jan 19, 2019 -

construction protective film has an important influence and role in the construction field. The product is made of high molecular organic compound with simple structure. Use of construction protective film: Protect the product from pollution, corrosion, scratches and protect the original smooth and shiny surface during production, processing, transportation, storage and use, thus improving product quality and market competitiveness.


Depending on the application requirements, construction protective films include different types, such as ordinary plain film, electrostatic film, textured film, composite film and so on. The anilox film refers to a protective film with a mesh on the surface. The series of protective films are characterized by good gas permeability, beautiful paste effect, and no air bubbles left on the surface of the product to be attached.


The composite film includes a wide variety of materials. In a conventional sense, two or more single-layer materials are combined into a visual architectural protective film by gluing or hot pressing. The reason why the composite film is used is to make up the various materials and combine them.