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The main structure and characteristics of PET Self Adhesive Blue Surface Protective Film
- Jan 12, 2019 -

 In the production of self-adhesive protective film products such as PET Self Adhesive Blue Surface Protective Film, commonly used self-adhesive materials include EVA, ultra-low density polyethylene and polyolefin plastomer resin. The main features of the self-adhesive protective film are: 1. The processing flow is simple; 2. The use of glue for a long time; 3. The material cost is low; 4. The product variety is small, and it is applied to high-grade products.


The main structure of the PET Self Adhesive Blue Surface Protective Film can be divided into three layers, wherein the outer layer belongs to the PET release film and the middle layer is PET electrostatic ion adsorption material; the inner layer is the PET release film. The product adopts “electrostatic ion adsorption” technology, which makes the paste easier and the visual effect is more comfortable. It completely avoids the residual glue problem and achieves the protective effect more effectively.


PET Self Adhesive Blue Surface Protective Film product features:

1. Anti-scratch strengthening, especially hardened, which improves its scratch resistance and achieves true protection;

2, isolation and reflection, effectively eliminate glare, the visual effect is more clear.

3, electrostatic adsorption, electrostatic ion adsorption, there will be no residual glue, it will not damage the screen.

4. Good light transmission, which is because the substrate used has good crystal point and transparency, so that good light transmittance can be ensured in practical applications.