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The main purpose of aluminium profile protection film and appropriate viscosity
- Nov 29, 2018 -

The aluminum profile protective film has good adhesion to aluminum when used, and has a thick texture. It is suitable for a protective film of high-grade aluminum. It has good heat resistance during operation and maintains its proper viscosity during the hot summer season. , protect the product, after several months of continuous use, after peeling off the protective film, no glue remains on the product.

Use of aluminum profile protection film

The aluminum profile protective film is widely used in the surface protection of high-grade products when it is used. It is a high-grade product in the protective film, especially in the aluminum alloy industry. It is a protective film for aluminum alloy doors and windows and various high-grade pipes.

When the aluminium profile protection film is used, the oxide film produced by the gloss-proof oxidation tank is sufficiently dense, and has certain hardness, strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance during use, and can meet the protection requirements for the aluminum alloy; The gloss-protecting process has matured and has been successfully introduced to the market.

The aluminum organic sealing liquid does not corrode the oxide film while sealing the hole, and does not cause the mirror surface to lose light and discolor; it must be completely sealed to meet the weight loss requirement. It is required to be completely closed, and it cannot be lost or discolored. Such a sealing agent is really difficult to select. The boiling water seals the pores, and the gloss-protecting oxide film turns black; the nickel fluoride seals the pores, the gloss-protecting oxide film turns white, the powder starts, the nickel acetate is sealed at a medium temperature, the gloss-proof film is completely powdered, and the light is lost. On the basis of a large number of experimental comparisons, the “aluminum organic sealing agent” developed by chemical experts can meet the above requirements.