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The four main points of using PE protective film
- Nov 21, 2018 -

Nowadays, the use of PE protective film is more and more extensive, and the quantity is constantly increasing, and the technical aspect is getting better and better. Both technically and workmanship are greatly improved, because only in this way will it not be The society is eliminated, and various forms of protective film can be seen in the market. The function of each protective film is different, and the industry used is different. Let us learn about the use of PE protective film. Big demand

1, to use a high quality protective film

When choosing a protective film, it is important to choose a high-quality protective film. This is very important. A good protective film can better protect the product without affecting the appearance of the shape, no matter where you use the protective film. Both need a good quality protective film in order for the protective film to reach its maximum value.

2, to use according to the rules

The so-called rules are installed in the order of it. In fact, the protective film is the same as the tape we use. The general method is the same, as long as it is in its order and the specifications of the object.

3, to choose a good environment

According to the requirements of our manufacturers, the protective film needs to be used in places that are not wet and have no sunlight.

4, do not mix

Many conditions can make the protective film mixed, that is to say, the new protective film is mixed with the old protective film. In fact, on the one hand, this is not standardized, on the other hand, the shelf life is different, some protective films will be bad first, and the overall life of the protective film will decrease, affecting its use.