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The floor is more stretchable and longer lasting from the mucous membrane
- Mar 16, 2019 -

The floor we use every day has three layers of self-adhesive film. The middle layer is the self-adhesive film we want to use. It can ensure the effect of sticking without using adhesive, and it can also be protected accordingly. The self-adhesive process requires higher requirements, and the buyer's requirements for such self-adhesive membranes are relatively high. It is also good to use such a self-adhesive film for products that do not have a protective film. Here are some of the specific features of the floor self-adhesive process.

The floor is more stretchable from the mucous membrane

The more stretchable process improves the stretchability, the problem is not problematic when the tensile strength is high, and the tear strength is also improved, so any type of product packaging can be directly completed, and the quality is also quite Not bad. This will ensure a long-lasting tightening force and is very practical. If you want to package a variety of types of products, then the use of such a self-adhesive effect is certainly good.

The floor has a longer life span from the mucosa.

The self-adhesive process effectively guarantees the service life of the product. We can see that there are many types of such products, and they are single-sided or double-sided self-adhesive, which can be purchased according to our requirements. Because of its large retraction, it will not be deformed for a long time. The tension is effectively ensured, and the use is not slack, and naturally, the long-term use is not affected.