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The existing significance of PE protective film
- May 28, 2018 -

PE protective film has many kinds: for example, aluminum-plastic plate with protective film, stainless steel with protective film, profile with protective film, PVC profile with protective film, acrylic sheet protective film, glass protective film, electronic protective film, and so on, each protective film specifications and technology are slightly different, but what is the real meaning of PE protective film?

Let us take the aluminum-plastic panel protection Film as an example to introduce it. Aluminum-plastic panel protective film is a plastic film affixed to the aluminum-plastic panel, which is designed to protect the production of aluminum-plastic plate surface in the process of handling, inventory, transportation, processing, installation and so on without harm.

After the installation of aluminum-plastic panels, by the installation engineering team tore away, so that the surface of aluminum-plastic plate smooth as new, to play the necessary decorative effect. The fundamental difference between the protective film and the packaging film is: Protective film is not only after the completion of the product affixed to protect products in the handling, transport, not damage, more importantly, it is often used in the production process, participate in product processing (such as cutting, folding, drilling, stamping, etc.). In the aluminum-plastic panel industry, its role in the production process is as follows: The first is used in the aluminum-plastic panels before cutting, protect the aluminum-plastic plate is cut without loss: then participate in the final customer (decoration, construction company) on the product processing, installation of the entire process, so as to ensure that the product without traces, no damage.