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The best way to use milky white film
- May 28, 2018 -

PE Milky white film is also called PE milk film, Milky Protective film is mainly used in various specifications of stainless steel and aluminum alloy polishing surface, matte surface, drawing surface, aluminum alloy oxidation polishing and oxidation coloring surface. The use of the Milky Way and other protective film is not the same? When you see the title of today's article, you are certainly puzzled, in fact, know a protective film products have its specific use of methods and conditions, according to the protective film viscosity, thickness and the use of different environment, so they use the effect is different, then, how to be the cream of the protective film to play the best effect?

This should not only pay attention to the protection of the membrane viscosity, but also pay attention to the use of local environmental factors.

Unlike the ordinary protective film, the Milky protective film has strong corrosion resistance and shading, because they are opaque products, in the use of the process, it is important to pay special attention to the goods or other products are used to fit the conditions of the match, only the good fitting, to ensure that they play a protective role.

Milky Protective Film

Therefore, to the correct use of white protective film, we pay attention to the viscosity of the same time, to ensure that they are compatible with the protected products, which is the best way to use the best conditions to play performance.

For the smoothness of the surface of different products, our main design of different viscosity, so as to meet the needs of its surface attached:

Low-viscosity: suitable for flat, smooth, mirror stainless steel sheet, plastic sheet, PMMA, PS Board, PC board and other products.

Medium-viscosity: Applicable to stainless steel coarse grain grinding sand plate, snowflake plate, aluminum-plastic plate (fine lines), plastic steel, aluminum and polyester sheet and other products. High-viscosity: suitable for the protection of special products, aluminum-plastic plate coarse, fluorocarbon plate and surface is not smooth products.