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Synthetic material and paste requirements for blue protective film
- Dec 15, 2018 -

The protective film of the blue protective film is characterized by its own soft texture and convenient adhesion, but the material is relatively thick and has poor transparency, and the screen looks rather awkward when used. The mark of glue will also be left on the screen after tearing off.
The blue protective film is the most common type of protective sticker on the market, and the three-layer PET protective film is used for mobile phones and tablets. The chemical name is polyester film. The characteristic is that the texture is harder and more scratch-resistant, and it will not turn yellow like PVC material for a long time.
The blue protective film is one of the best screen protectors known on the market. AR is a synthetic material, generally divided into three layers, silica gel is the adsorption layer, PET is the intermediate layer, and the outer layer is a special treatment layer. The special treatment layer is generally divided into two types, AG treatment layer and HC treatment layer, AG is anti-glare Treatment, frosted protective film is the use of this treatment. HC is a hardness treatment, which is a treatment method for a high light transmission type protective film. This screen protection film is characterized in that the screen is not reflective, and the transmittance is high (more than 95%), which does not affect the display effect of the screen.