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Surface Protective Film
- Mar 11, 2019 -

In 1982, Aerospace Power Technology Research Institute took the lead in developing pressure sensitive adhesives with independent intellectual property rights. In 1986, it launched the first localized protective film products in China. It is widely used in surface protection of building materials, surface protection of metal materials, and household use. Electrical surface protection, automotive surface protection, and LCD screen surface protection are available to all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country, and exported to Russia, Switzerland, India, Turkey and the Middle East.

The surface protection film series produced by Aerospace Power Technology Research Institute has four technical advantages: the use of pressure-sensitive adhesive manufacturing technology with high cohesive strength and low peel strength; special anchoring technology is used to ensure the bonding of pressure sensitive adhesive and substrate. Degree, no residual glue; can be made into different protective film according to different industry users, using different pressure sensitive adhesives and different substrates; long shelf life.