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Surface cleaning and main function of PE surface protective film on metal surface
- Jan 10, 2019 -

In order to be able to exert its superior characteristics when using the metal surface PE protective film, we need necessary preparations before using it, for example, checking the protected product for surface cleaning.

Metal surface PE protective film needs to be carefully checked before use. Since the PE protective film is a viscous film product, it is easy to adhere to small particles, dust, fibers, etc. during storage and handling, which directly or indirectly affect its use.

The PE surface protection film on the metal surface is not water-absorbable. Therefore, when cleaning necessary, we can use a clean, damp cloth to gently wipe off the particles and dust on the surface of the PE protective film. In a well-protected environment, this is fine.

The main two functions of the PE surface protective film on the metal surface:

1. Mainly to prevent the surface of the product from being scratched and scratched, etc. The surface of the PE protective film is various, stone, plastic products, stainless steel, high-grade electrical appliances, glass, sprayed surface, etc.

2. The function is to cover, if the board needs to be painted, or if there is a slightly corrosive spray, other edges or where there is no need to spray, then PE protective film can be used to attach to the surface to be protected. The PE protective film can also be used with a laminating machine, with a diameter of 76.2 standard dies, which can be used completely.