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Sheet metal protective film specific type
- Nov 19, 2018 -

The sheet metal protective film is of a specific type, and includes a PE protective film for sheet metal, which is transparent blue in appearance color. Its product characteristics are:


(1) High strength, especially suitable for flat posting. It is easy to laminate and does not produce bubbles or wrinkles.

(2) Easy to peel off and no residual glue, easy to use. In addition, it has more use.


Sheet metal bending anti-indentation protective film, its purpose is to avoid bending and indentation when the workpiece is bent, especially for sheet metal parts such as stainless steel and aluminum. When using this kind of protective film, it only needs to be cut to the required length and laid on the surface of the lower mold. It is a sheet metal protective film in terms of properties.


Sheet metal protective film, the product quality should meet the conditions, is: the product is simple and convenient to use, it is not easy to have various problems during use, and has a good protective effect. In addition, it should have a long service life and good environmental adaptability. When these conditions are met, the quality of the product can be said to be good. Moreover, these are also basic and must meet the conditions that are indispensable.


A sheet metal protective film, which is a specific type of protective film, is used on sheet metal, so it is called a sheet metal protective film. Moreover, it is a precaution, the main point is to choose the coating correctly, because this kind of protective film has single coating, double coating and nano coating, etc., the coating is different, the price of the protective film Not the same. In addition, you need to pay attention to the protective film material, and it is also related to the service life of the product, therefore, can not be sloppy.