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Reasons you don’t know about why protective film leaves residue
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Because users are not professional when choosing and applying protective films, the protective film residue can be caused easily. Main reasons are two as follow,

1, Human factors

Protective film is very simple product, which is just a piece of thin plastic film. Ii is easy for irresponsible new users to have this thought.They think any kind of protective film is suitable for and can provide protection to their products.But they couldn’t know that there is a lot professional knowledge about protective film. For example, if the product with protective film will go through process under high temperature, then high temperature resistant protective film should be used. Before applying the film, the surface of substrates should be without grease, banana oil or other chemical residue, otherwise these chemical residue will set off a chemical reaction with the glue and cause glue residue.

2, Internal factors of glue

According to the residue of pressure sensitive glue on surfaces of protected substrate and base film, there are three circumstances of protective film residue.

One. Poor glue cohesion: There is glue residue on both the protected substrates and base film. And the side of protective film with glue coating becomes tarnished.

Two. Weak bonding between glue and base film. Surface of protected substrate is with a lot of glue residue, while the base film can be seen on the side of pe protective film with glue coating.

Three. Migrating residue: The surface of protected substrate is with a little pressure sensitive adhesive residue, while the side of protective film with glue coating is still with good gloss.

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