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PVC plastic door window profile protective film
- Feb 28, 2019 -

PVC plastic door and window profiles have been widely recognized in the market for their excellent performance, beautiful appearance and moderate price. In the process of extrusion processing, door and window welding, transportation, storage and construction, plastic door and window profiles have long period of use and are exposed to the open air, which is easily scratched and faded by machinery. Especially during the construction process, the welding sparks and cement are easily splashed on the surface of the plastic doors and windows, which is extremely difficult to remove. The traditional method of hard shovel scraping, the result is damage to the plastic door and window surface, destroying the beautiful appearance, causing a bad impression on the user; on the other hand, due to the long construction period of the building, the plastic doors and windows are exposed to the outdoors for a long time, and the fading is darkened, giving The user has a sense of oldness. Therefore, the PVC plastic door and window profile protective film came into being. This kind of protective film takes into consideration the characteristics of PVC material and the long service life of the door and window, which improves the initial tack, easy peelability and weather resistance of the pressure sensitive adhesive.

Has the following characteristics:

1.Impossible leave residue at any places and time

2.Easy removal and apply, considerably solve the high labor costs.

3.Excellent elongation and tensile strength, which won’t break at the process of injection molding.