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Protection Film Slitting Process
- May 28, 2018 -

Ready to boot, first on the process, printing, composite down the appearance of large film rolls to test the hardness and appearance of large film roll test, to see whether the requirements of the cutting can be achieved. Then, for the immediate operation of the slitting equipment status, performance to fully understand, and check the main operating parts of the equipment and electrical control parts.

At this time, a large film volume, according to user specifications for blade adjustment, according to the normal production process boot production. The normal operation condition of slitting machine is the fundamental to ensure the quality of production. Because, each slitter often high-speed operation, some important key components operating accuracy will be reduced, this to cut a small size of the film volume, to ensure that the operation accuracy is a little difficult. Because, the composite membrane belongs to the polymer products, its thickness is relatively thin, processing is vulnerable to damage, so, when the operation accuracy is not enough, the film is prone to longitudinal stripes and other quality problems.

To this end, after years of observation and research, we confirm that the longitudinal stripes produced by the points are divided into the main quality problems that must be addressed. When entering the normal production, the speed of slitting machine should be strictly in accordance with the technical requirements. Too high will also affect the quality of slitting. Therefore, the control of the cutting speed, you can get the required quality of slitting. Because, in the production of some operators in order to improve production, improve their economic efficiency, artificially increase the cutting speed, this will make the film in high-speed operation, prone to longitudinal stripes and the quality of the wrong layer. Therefore, we must in the normal production according to the equipment performance and the film intrinsic performance as well as the film different model specification, uses the appropriate slitting process, carries on the production. Because, a variety of cutting process parameters, identification methods, values are different, must be carefully adjusted for each product process. In the production, the slitting machine each station uses the frequency to be different, thus the attrition degree is also different. Therefore, there will be a certain difference in performance. For example, the position of the better than the work of cutting products, longitudinal stripes relatively few. Conversely, the longitudinal stripes are more. Therefore, each operator must pay attention to the correct choice of work station, play the best state of equipment, grasp the use of the scene, and constantly sum up experience, find the best equipment characteristics of the use of the method.