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Production process of blown film
- Mar 13, 2019 -

In the heated drum, the PE particles are pushed by the screw to the circular die port, and the compressed air inflates the melt, and after being air-cooled, the film is wound up. The properties of the blown film in the transverse and longitudinal directions are different.

Imported protective films usually use less recycled materials, so they do not produce large grains and impurities. The machine direction elongation of the protective film is generally greater than 180%; the lateral elongation is generally greater than 380%. However, the elongation is inversely proportional to the mechanical strength. If the elongation is too large (for example, greater than 500%), the mechanical strength of the film tends to be low, which may cause damage to the protective film during transportation and handling; and when unwinding, The protective film is easily elongated, and after the cutting, the protective film will rebound and curl.