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Printing Protective Film
- Aug 07, 2018 -

The printing technology is very important for protective film industry.Many customers need printing protective films, they want put their LOGO, product information or company information on the surface of protective film that can increase their brand influence. It should make sure won’t have any printing remain on the surface of products when remove the protective film.

The best way for a perfect printing is double layer composite printing technology, here the layer means film, it means use two films composite one film, one of the film has printed. This way will keep the printing in the middle of the whole film, it will have no any residue of printing. But because it produce with two film together, so normally the thickness will be at least 40um, if the thickness less than 40um, this technology is not suitable.

Printing Protective Film.jpg

KINGREAL protective film made a lot of research, we use special printing ink and quality raw material, through the special production process, now we provide customers a perfect printing protective film, our printing has many advantages such as bright color, good gloss, excellent printability,good adhesion,no fading etc.And more than 3 colors can be printed. 


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