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Phenomenon principle and performance detection of stainless steel PE static film
- Mar 07, 2019 -

The stainless steel electrostatic film is a non-adhesive film during the process of use. The performance of the test can be evaluated for flexible packaging. The design voltage of the test instrument is 1000V, mainly PE, PVC material, and the product is adhered by electrostatic adsorption of the product itself. It is generally used for the surface which is sensitive to adhesives or glue residues. It is mostly used for glass, lens, high gloss plastic surface, acrylic and other very smooth surfaces.

The adsorption of stainless steel electrostatic film belongs to a kind of tiny non-static object. When it is close to an electrostatically charged object, due to the phenomenon of electrostatic induction, the end near the electrostatic object induces the opposite electrical property to the electrostatically charged object, and is attracted to the object. A phenomenon on an object with static electricity.

Principle of adsorption phenomenon of stainless steel electrostatic film

When an object with static electricity is close to another object without static electricity, due to electrostatic induction, the inside of the object without static electricity close to the side with the electrostatic object will accumulate the opposite polarity of the charge carried by the charged object (the other side produces the same The amount of the same polarity charge), because the opposite charges attract each other, it will exhibit "electrostatic adsorption" phenomenon.