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Performance and application characteristics of PE static protective film
- Jan 02, 2019 -

PE electrostatic protection film includes different color products, common are transparent, milky white, and overall has the advantages of viscous stability, easy tearing and easy to stick. The PE electrostatic protection film generally ranges from 0.03 mm to 0.15 mm and has an adhesion of 5-610 g/50 mm.

PE static protective film is soft in properties, good in adhesion and easy to paste. At present, special polyethylene plastic film is used as the substrate in the production, and the cross-linked acrylic resin is used as the adhesive, and then processed by several special additives. It can be used in optical glass, plastic sheet, sheet, plastic lens, aluminum-plastic board, sun board, etc., so that the product can be protected from pollution and scratch during transportation, processing, stamping, forming and storage, protect the surface of the product and improve the yield, reduce the finished product.

PE electrostatic protection film has high cleanliness, is not easy to break during use, is not easy to fall off, is not easy to deform, and can protect the surface of the object. Used for the phenomenon of non-static material migration on the surface of the product. The PE static protective film is not only easy to stick, but also has a small change in adhesion over time.