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PE protective film for aluminum profile performs well and installation
- Oct 25, 2018 -

As the society continues to develop, the quality requirements of its people are constantly improving, and its various new things are constantly appearing. This is what seems to be ordinary but brings great life to us. Convenience.

The PE protective film for aluminum profile will perform well in the middle after a period of use, but the two ends will be lifted up. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the protective film has a greater degree of stretching during the process of bonding the protected profile. After the post, in the high temperature environment, there is an unnecessary retraction phenomenon. This problem occurs mostly in the products of southern customers. Therefore, PE protective film should pay attention to the influence of environmental temperature difference on product use during the production process. Avoid unnecessary surface stretching during the pasting process.

When the PE protective film for aluminum profile needs to be used to remove the protective film from the surface of the profile after the profile is installed, the adhesive exhibited by the protective film does not remain with the protective film but remains on the profile product. It is the most unwilling to see by users, because it is very troublesome, and it is necessary for someone to scrape the glue off the profile. It is very laborious and time consuming. There are many possibilities for this problem. The biggest possibility is the pressure on the protective film product. The glue does not meet the requirements, that is, it is too sticky, resulting in the PE protective film product being peeled off, the external tension is greater than the internal stress, and remains on the profile.