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Overview of research on co-extruded protective film-1
- Mar 05, 2019 -

The surface protective film is an adhesive film for temporary protection of the surface of the article. It is composed of a substrate and a pressure sensitive adhesive, and has the characteristics of easy sticking, easy peeling, and no contamination of the surface to be protected. At present, there are two industrial production methods: coating method and co-extrusion method. The products produced by the coating method include solvent type, emulsion type, hot melt type and radiation curing type, of which the solvent type accounts for the largest proportion. The solvent type has a problem of polluting the environment and high production cost. Several other types also have problems of high cost and poor single item performance. The coextrusion method is a production process in which a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and a substrate layer are simultaneously extruded by a co-extrusion composite device (including a blow molding and casting process) to form a surface protective film.

The co-extrusion method produces a protective film with the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, low cost and high quality, and is a development trend of the protective film production process. With the development of co-extrusion compounding technology and equipment, since the 1970s, there has been a publication of co-extruded protective film patents abroad. Since then, world-famous companies, such as Nitto Electric Co., and Beiersdorf, have increased their research efforts, published more patents, and launched corresponding products in the market, such as 3 M ,N O V AC E L ... At present, our company can also produce high quality coextrusion type self-adhesive film.