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Metal surface protective film processing quality improvement measures
- Dec 17, 2018 -

Metal surface protective films are usually produced by a casting process for various products requiring surface protection such as metals. In order to further improve the quality of its use, in the process of production and processing, it is first necessary to improve the cleanliness of the workshop, which has an important role and influence on preventing the abnormality of the metal surface protective film.


Secondly, the raw material storage and transportation process of the metal surface protective film should be strictly managed to keep the resin packaging bag clean; at the same time, the production order should be strictly controlled, and cross-contamination between different types of raw materials should be avoided during the batching. In the process of processing, it is necessary to properly control the processing temperature, and optimize the production equipment and replace it with a screw with excellent design.


For example, if you want to prevent the problem of poor plasticization crystal point, then in the production process of metal surface protective film, avoid mixing the pellets and powder materials; pay attention to the pumping process of raw material particles to avoid the raw material powder due to friction; Raw materials with very different melting points are simply blended; if the formulation requires, materials with large differences in melting points must be mixed.