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Metal surface protective film
- Mar 14, 2019 -

Metal surface protective film is used for transportation or loading of metal sheets, pipes and various profiles.

An adhesive tape that is adhered to a metal surface during a shipping process that avoids scratching and causing loss of metal surface damage and gloss. It can be removed from the metal surface after the metal is processed into a component that is assembled in a mechanical device or assembled on a building. It is peeled off, so this tape needs to meet the following requirements:

1. Easy to paste and easy to paste

2. Can be peeled off repeatedly, and can not leave any pressure sensitive adhesive gel marks on the metal surface

3. No corrosion or rust on the metal surface, no marks on the metal surface

4. No bad smell.

Generally, the metal surface protective film is much smaller than the sealing tape, and the substrate can be ordinary paper or PE or other plastic film.