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Matters Needing Attention When Using Ceramic Tile Protective Film
- Oct 16, 2018 -

When using protective film for protecting ceramic tiles, need to pay attention to many details. Let’s check details as follow.

1, Before applying, please clean up the oil, moisture, dust and other impurities on the adherend surface. 

Otherwise, the impurities on the adherend surface will affect the adhesion strength of protective film.

2, The adhesive layer of protective film is pressure sensitive. Only small pressure is required during applying.

3, Handle with care. Avoid the film being impacted by sharp objects or hard objects. Prevent the film layer or adhesive layer from being damaged, thus affect the use.

4, Buyer should inform seller about the service condition in advance. Buyer should test and confirm the properties of sample before placing orders. Mass production will be made according to sample parameters.

5, Different adherends and different laminating condition will cause different results. If adherend or production process is changed, please be sure to test in advance before batch order. We will not assume any consequence of special use condition without test. 

6, Applying the film manually can not avoid air bubble effectively. It is recommended to use laminating machine for close lamination without air bubble, in order to ensure the best fit.


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