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Main features and peeling performance of carpet protection film
- Dec 08, 2018 -

The carpet protection film has strong stability when used, and has anti-aging property during operation. It does not fall off to a certain extent, and is easy to float and not pollute. The flexibility is good, and the surface of the attached profile is fast. After the affixing, the peeling strength increase rate is low, the stability of the protective film pressure sensitive adhesive is good, and there is no residue after being peeled off by the attached product, which does not adversely affect the surface to be protected.

Carpet protective film features

1. Good adhesion, good peeling performance, no yellowing of the primer, no residue

2. Viscosity: non-stick, slightly sticky, low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity, strong viscosity.

3. Thickness specification: 50-150μm.

4. Color: transparent color, blue, black, milky white, etc.

Carpet protective film is suitable for surface protection of plexiglass board, plastic board, furniture board, instrumentation, display screen, steel mirror board, titanium metal board, steel plate, aluminum material, porcelain, marble and other materials to prevent surface scratching and Dust adheres to the surface, slowing the surface oxidation and so on.

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