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Main characteristics and application fields of PE Static Transparent Protective Film
- Jan 07, 2019 -

PE Static Transparent Protective Film has some differences from general protective film products. Firstly, it has good self-adhesiveness, good conformability, convenient fit, anti-solvent, and is used under normal temperature environment. The edge is straight and does not residue. Secondly, it has good solvent resistance, good weather resistance, no residual glue, and clear color separation. It is not only suitable for decoration and general industrial shelter, but also for automotive color separation, industrial machine painting and so on.


In addition, PE Static Transparent Protective Film also has strong tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, no penetration, no residue, so it is also suitable for dust-free workshop dust removal protective film operation. Because of these excellent characteristics, the product is widely used, and can be used as a plasma TV screen protector, a laptop screen protector, an LCD screen protector, an electronic dictionary liquid crystal protector, a mobile digital camera screen. Protective film and game machine LCD screen protector protector.


In addition, PE Static Transparent Protective Film can also be used as a GPS liquid crystal protective film for automotive DVD display, and can also be used for surface hardening of PET polyester film (membrane switch material).