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KINGREAL intros new surface protection film for fingerprint-resistant appliance finishes, other easily-damaged surfaces
- Jan 30, 2019 -


KINGREAL introduces a cost-effective, temporary surface protection film specifically-designed for new generation, fingerprint-resistant or specialty-coated products.

KINGREAL self adhesive protective film is ideal for plastic and painted metal surfaces, with light matte, high gloss or brushed finishes. Coated onto linear low-density polyethylene film, the proprietary adhesive offers the characteristics of both emulsion-based acrylic and solvent-based rubber chemistry. The end result is a material with smooth initial tack, combined with an excellent cohesive strength to resist micro-transfer to your substrate.

In addition to fingerprint-resistant surfaces, KINGREAL self adhesive protective film is also ideal for other finishes that show damages or imperfections easily. Increasingly, manufacturers are using specialty coatings to create visual aesthetics (gloss or color), protect the surface, or provide benefits (anti-glare). Conversely, some sensitive surfaces have simply been finished with a soft, smooth glossy paint in a dark color.

During development, KINGREAL self adhesive protective film was subjected to a wide range of environmental testing. Even after months of heat aging, the proprietary, water-based adhesive chemistry could be removed easily, without leaving residue.

KINGREAL self adhesive protective film is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses to address specific application requirements.